Fructose Intolerance Diet

When you discover that you are fructose intolerant you might be in despair. That is because, you wish to embark on a diet in order to get over the excess weight you have put on. If you have this concern, I first need to recommend the most amazing sugar free lifestyle guide I have ever read. Read it here! However, in many cases, people who are unaware of their intolerance, bloat up due to the intake of the wrong food items. Many of us are aware of lactose and gluten intolerance. But we do not know much about another kind of intolerance that is similar to the other two. Fructose intolerance overlaps in many cases with gluten intolerance as both have adverse reactions to wheat containing food products. If you are confused, read on.

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Symptoms Of Fructose Intolerance

Symptoms to know you are fructose intolerant

You feel bloated even after a lunch of salad greens and fruits?

Do you follow a diet that is rich in wheat like cereals, cakes, bread in your daily diet?

Do you often suffer from gas and abdominal cramps as well as have bloated up?

If you are exhibiting such symptoms, it is best to get yourself tested. There are many tests nowadays by which one can be diagnosed for fructose intolerance. It is caused due to an enzyme deficiency in one’s digestive system due to which fructose absorption is inhibited in our system. In such people, these  symptoms will show up as they consume food items which are rich in fructose.

Pointers To Keep In Mind

So how do you go about fructose intolerance dieting? You do not need to despair and lose heart as to how you will be in shape and eat healthy. There are many ways of doing that and one is sure to get their condition improved as well. One needs to start by keeping the following pointers in mind:

  • Some fruits have higher fructose content than others
  • Many vegetables have higher fructose content than others
  • Wheat containing food products may be high in fructose levels
  • Processed food items like diet drinks, fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup and others contain high level of fructose

How To Diet When Suffering With Fructose Intolerance

There are detailed charts and guides available online. From these resources one can determine what food items one should abstain from. Once the food items are selected accordingly, one can proceed on fructose intolerance dieting in the following way:

1) Read the sugar free  guide!

2) Make a chart of the fruits and vegetables that you can consume and ensure that you include a fruit and a vegetable in 3 meals per day

3) Ensure that you stay away from processed food items and wheat based food products

4) Find recipes that will help to replace such ingredients and even then you can enjoy your favorite food item

In this way one is sure to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.

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Fructose Intolerance or Malabsorption Test

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About Fructose Intolerance and Fructose Malabsorption

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